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Jennifer's Instruction by Cyrian Amberlake

Jennifer's Instruction - Cyrian Amberlake

what a disappointment... I was so looking forward to reading this & thought it would pull me out of my slump.  but no, it was so far from the Domino trilogy, and Jennifer's to & fro thoughts just didn't do much for me.

Hell's Belle by Karen Greco

Hell's Belle - Karen Greco

Thankyou to NetGalley and the publishers for this copy!

I loved this book, it had a bit of everything! loved that the characters were not too serious and could have a laugh.

kinda felt like the end was missing a chapter, but I guess that just means I have to wait for book 2 to continue on. It was not a cliffy, I just like to know everything...

a great read, highly recommended!!

Zen and Sex by Dermot Davis

Zen and Sex (a Romantic Comedy) - Dermot Davis

Thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy.

I'm going with the middle of the road 3 stars here. I was looking forward to a "wallbanger" type read to pull me out of my reading slump, but it didn't happen...

It wasn't a bad book, neither was it great. It had a few good laughs in it, but the majority of it didn't do much for me at all.

Image of Us by M.G. Morgan

Image of Us - M.G. Morgan

well that was full of some crazy shit!
liked it, even if it was a bit unbelievable... and we got a happy ending :)

Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy

Forever Innocent - Deanna Roy

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for providing this ARC

ok, please bear with me here, coz some of this is probably not gonna make sense, and I'll possibly be contradicting myself a bit.

so here I go with some contradictions, but they all do fit this book. it was light & even funny at points, it was heart warming, heart breaking, & gut wrenching. it was filled with love, hate, friendship, guilt, anger... this book was so filled with feelings & emotions, but written in a way that you didn't drown in it.

"Our baby died on prom night, and nothing was ever the same again."

if you've seen this book, no doubt you've seen that line, it really does grab your attention.
so you're prepared for a heavy, gritty read, but surprisingly it's relatively light. that is until about 3/4 through and they hit you with the horrid details of what they experienced, and I bawled my eyes out!

the butterflies... I absolutely melted. it was such a sweet & thoughtful thing to do.

when Corabelle makes her peace... my stomach was in knots, but my heart ached coz she was going to see Finn.

I was pissed at Gavin for his choices, but could also understand his need to take control over certain matters.

my heart swelled & I though I was gonna cry again when Gavin said “She’s the mother of my son."

and now I'm so excited there's going to be a second book to follow Gavin & Corabelle on their path of healing & forgiveness!

FYI - this one's not a cliff hanger, it is a continuing story, but ends nicely with the promise of a happily ever after

Calculated Exposure by Holley Trent

Calculated Exposure - Holley Trent

**ARC kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

Whoa, there's some sparks flying between Erica & Curt!

First meeting I thought - chick's not scared to say what she wants/thinks
Second meeting I think - bitch has some serious balls, I LIKE!
Then she gets home & I'm disappointed to find she's been putting on a show... but you can only keep that up for so long, right?

And "Curt Ryan, you really are an asshole.” well, sometimes...

Both parties are simply too shit scared of coming clean on their pasts/issues, thus leaving them stuck in a limbo of sorts, hating themselves and each other... and it could all be fixed so easily!
Just Plant those seeds.

A hot, fun, light hearted read!

Where My Heart Breaks by Ivy Sinclair

Where My Heart Breaks - Ivy Sinclair

**this copy courtesy of NetGalley & the publishers

4-4.5 stars for me. I loved reading this book, and even with my stuffy head cold it was easy to read and easy to take in.

When the "bad girl" and "bad boy" get together you'd think it's headed for disaster... but sometimes when two people meet, they are exactly what the other needs to pull themselves and their lives back on track.

Despite the obvious connection between Kate and Reed, Kate needs to make one of the biggest decisions of her life in order to find out what might or might not be with Reed. Along the way, with a few wise words from Reed, she is able to see why her life went haywire and what she needs to do to be happy moving forward (& it's not always the reasons that everyone's telling you). And without realising or trying, she helps him come to terms with his past allowing him to look further into the future than right now.

I was a little disappointed at the lack of a big grand finale, but was still quite happy with the final outcome - two people trying to be happy, amongst others trying to bring them down, judging them on past mistakes, or just plain trying to control them.

Harlem Street Portraits

Harlem Street Portraits - Harvey Stein

**ARC kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

There really is something to be said for black & white photography... it truly does capture a persons soul, rather than the superficial clothing/make-up etc. that colour tends to focus on.

Flipping through this book you can't help but want to know the story that belongs to each person.

Harvey Stein has done an amazing job at capturing these day-to-day people. Some absolutely stunning photographs contained here. A must see for photography enthusiasts!

Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground

Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground - Matthew Chojnacki

**ARC kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

WOW! Some absolutely amazing art in here! From the most simplistic to the highly detailed, they were fantastic. Even if they weren't movie posters, there were some great pieces of art that I would love to have hanging on my walls.

a large percentage of the movies captured in this book are unknown or unseen by me (I don't watch near the number of movies my hubby does, & my list of movies I want to watch would seriously rival my books to read list), but that in no way hindered my love and appreciation of these movie posters.
In many cases I know the film company's DVD cover/promotional posters for the movie, and found it fascinating how these artists portrayed them. Some similarly & others vastly different to those I know.

For some of the films I know quite well, I feel that these alternative posters captured the essence of them far better than any of the commercial material I've seen. Their creativeness and uniqueness draws your attention far better than the majority of todays standard film promos.

A must see for film and art fans!

Missing by Noelle Adams

Missing - Noelle  Adams

*this copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

a hot & steamy, casual, no strings, sexual arrangement quickly leads to more, which neither Nathan or Lynn planned or wanted. throw in some family secrets & they're either destined for heart break or happily ever after.

I've gone with a 3.5-4 stars here, as it was a reasonably good story & pretty easy to read. I loved their chemistry & easy relationship. however, I didn't get the majority of the last chapter, it just didn't feel right... an unnecessary argument & not at all the happy ending I was anticipating. I was expecting the big move in together or even marriage proposal, but no, just make-up sex after a stupid argument. AND, as this was published before becoming available on NetGalley, I was expecting this to be the final copy. if it is I would be highly disappointed in the poor/lack of editing. some parts were fine, but as the book progressed the editing lapsed & became more & more noticeable to me.

Return to Me by Mae Archer

Return to Me - Mae Archer

**ARC kindly provide by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

An interesting take on life after death & parallel dimensions.

Lana & Tristan are both trying to move on after her car accident, but they're stuck in a rut. They think they know each other, when in reality they're simply judging the other based on the past they each know - she still sees Frank, & he only sees Alannah. Only when Lana finally reveals the truth are they able to move forward without hurting each other & themselves.

This wasn't a happy reunion story. It's full of hurt, heartache, mistrust, lies, & all kinds of abuse (substance, physical, emotional...). without spoiling the end, I can say it also had some happy, loving, hot, & sexy moments too. in saying that though, the emotions didn't come through as strong & gripping as they maybe could have. If they did, this book could've got 5 stars from me.

Please note this has not been taken into account when rating this book: This copy had a few minor editing issues, especially later in the book, that I hope are cleaned up before publishing. Nothing too major that will affect readability, but would just be nice to polish it up properly first.

Revealing Us by Lisa Renee Jones

Revealing Us - Lisa Renee Jones

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

well, I do believe that was the best one from the series...

Sara & Chris get their shit together, but there's no full closure on the Rebecca thing, and then that epilogue! you can't do that to a reader! there has got to be more on Ella. but hey, we could delve further into every character & still not be satisfied...

easy to read, funny at times, super hot at others, & overall a pretty good story.

The Master Undone by Lisa Renee Jones

The Master Undone - Lisa Renee Jones

**this copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

I've pretty much hated Mark in all the previous books. He always just came across as a sleaze to me, & as a master I never felt that he cared for the safety/welfare of his subs at all. but after this one, I quite like him! he's now far more human than he ever appeared before. this is why I love multiple POV books, because at least then I get to see into each character not just one opinion/view of the situation.

although, he did manage to annoy me at the end, when he acknowledges that he felt a connection with Crystal, but swears he can never go there again. for someone who claims to be a "master", he needs man up & stop being a pussy!

Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy, #2) - Lisa Renee Jones

*this copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

much better than the first one & the four journals.

lots of answers, a few were unexpected - even though I knew those people were suss, what unfolded was far better/different from whatever I'd imagined.

this time instead of Sara, it was Chris that started pissing me off with his to & fro in this relationship that in the first one he fought for. with all his fuss over her running, it was him that eventually fled!

so for the series has been an interesting story that covers a bit of everything - romance, erotica, mystery, suspense... let's hope the final instalment doesn't suck now that we've had the "Rebecca" issue resolved.

My Master by Lisa Renee Jones

Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 4: My Master - Lisa Renee Jones

hmmm, still not blown away by these. back to the main story to see what that holds...

His Submissive by Lisa Renee Jones

Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 3: His Submissive - Lisa Renee Jones

feel like I'm getting a bit bored with these now... I've been waiting for this big exciting, shocking, hardcore BDSM moment to happen, & it's just not there.
only one left to go & I also haven't found myself any of these "clues" for Sara's story, or maybe I have but I'd already figured them out so they don't interest me now... IDK, on to the next one I guess