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Return to Me by Mae Archer

Return to Me - Mae Archer

**ARC kindly provide by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

An interesting take on life after death & parallel dimensions.

Lana & Tristan are both trying to move on after her car accident, but they're stuck in a rut. They think they know each other, when in reality they're simply judging the other based on the past they each know - she still sees Frank, & he only sees Alannah. Only when Lana finally reveals the truth are they able to move forward without hurting each other & themselves.

This wasn't a happy reunion story. It's full of hurt, heartache, mistrust, lies, & all kinds of abuse (substance, physical, emotional...). without spoiling the end, I can say it also had some happy, loving, hot, & sexy moments too. in saying that though, the emotions didn't come through as strong & gripping as they maybe could have. If they did, this book could've got 5 stars from me.

Please note this has not been taken into account when rating this book: This copy had a few minor editing issues, especially later in the book, that I hope are cleaned up before publishing. Nothing too major that will affect readability, but would just be nice to polish it up properly first.