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Missing by Noelle Adams

Missing - Noelle  Adams

*this copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers

a hot & steamy, casual, no strings, sexual arrangement quickly leads to more, which neither Nathan or Lynn planned or wanted. throw in some family secrets & they're either destined for heart break or happily ever after.

I've gone with a 3.5-4 stars here, as it was a reasonably good story & pretty easy to read. I loved their chemistry & easy relationship. however, I didn't get the majority of the last chapter, it just didn't feel right... an unnecessary argument & not at all the happy ending I was anticipating. I was expecting the big move in together or even marriage proposal, but no, just make-up sex after a stupid argument. AND, as this was published before becoming available on NetGalley, I was expecting this to be the final copy. if it is I would be highly disappointed in the poor/lack of editing. some parts were fine, but as the book progressed the editing lapsed & became more & more noticeable to me.