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Sex & Violence by Carrie Mesrobian

Sex & Violence - Carrie Mesrobian


At first you don’t see the connection...

And then you get the absolute living shit beaten out of you for fucking with the wrong girl!  Well, that’s not entirely true, said girl had an arsehole ex that couldn’t accept that she was no longer his & he had an equally arseholey friend that would stick by him through ANYTHING!  But still, you get the living crap beaten out of you and your whole life is irrevocably changed forever!

This causes a massive realisation for Evan, he comes to terms with the fact he’s been getting through life living as “Dirtbag Evan”.  The type who plays the girls to get what he wants & knows exactly which ones to target.  So far it’s been the easiest way for him to get through constantly changing schools & not making friends, but now things need to change.

Evan’s (almost) absent father takes him away to the family retreat to heal from the attack.  His body heals rather quickly, but it’s his mind that’s suffered the most severe and long lasting damage.  He now struggles with PTSD.  Is forced to make friends he neither wants nor knows how to have normal relationships with.  Has a hard time keeping Dirtbag Evan hidden from these new friends (old habits are hard to break).  And struggles even more when it comes to healthy relationships with girls.

This is not a happy romance book, do not go into this expecting some lovey dovey happily ever after, and please don’t be disappointed when any possible love interests/relationships don’t eventuate to anything.

And for those looking for a book full of sex, and violence... this isn’t it.  It does contain both, but it more looks at how both acts can have a profound influence on your life and who you are.

This is a story of struggles and healing, self awareness and betterment, a daily struggle of simple tasks we all take for granted, and the value of great friends (even if you never really wanted them in the first place).  

I love this book because of the subject matter, it faces things many teen-ish books don’t, and it doesn’t gloss over stuff and make it all rosy.  It’s well written, and keeps things broken as they would be in real life. Real life doesn’t have magic cures & miracle recoveries like fiction quite often does, this book reflects that well.

By the time we get to the end, Evan has made some HUGE progress, but he still has a very long road ahead of him until he is fully recovered, that’s if he ever can fully recover from his ordeal.

We never really find out exactly what the two arseholes did to Collette (said girl from above), from the snippets we do get... they really are arseholes!