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The Dining Club parts 1-5 by Marina Anderson

Desire - Marina Anderson Bound - Marina Anderson Crave - Marina Anderson Seduce - Marina Anderson Touch - Marina Anderson

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I read these first 5 parts straight after each other and now I'm not sure what happened in what part, so I'm just gonna review them all together...


Grace and David have some wicked chemistry, when they're on the same page and not questioning motives, desires, and the future.


I love how Grace is embracing and exploring this new side of her sexuality, although the setting of The Dining Club is highly controlled and intimidating. But I'm not a fan of how David seems to have become more distant since their first visit to the club.


Even more, I HATE David's double standards!  Complaining about how his mother used his father's love for her to control him, stopping him from doing the things he loved & doing what she wanted, a slow manipulation over time. He swears he will never let a woman do that to him.  However, David knows exactly how Grace feels about him, and he's using that as a weapon against her, to manipulate & pressure her into completing the challenges at The Dining Club.


Yes, she does end up enjoying the things she experiences, but that doesn't make it ok for David to pull the "if you love me" & "you're doing it for us" bullshit.  If it's ok for him, then Grace too has a right to do the same.


Although this isn't completely blowing me away, I still want to finish off the last 3 parts in this series.