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Bad by Kelly Favor

Bad - Kelly Favor

still loving Caelyn & Elijah. Well, when she made that phone call at the end of the last book, there were no confessions as I thought, but even if she did tell her mum the truth I doubt she would've believed her daughter anyway.

my god is Deena a little bitch, & so are her parents to be honest.
can't wait to see Jayson get what's coming to him, piece of slime deserves it!

we did get a little slip up with character names, where "Jayson" popped up when it should have been "Elijah", just like it happened a few times in the "for his pleasure" series. but I can forgive Kelly for that. there is just something about her books that I love, with the exception of fight for her, I just didn't connect with that one :(

I just really hope Kelly brings this series to an end before it fizzles out like "for his pleasure" did...