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Stalking Sapphire by Mia Thompson

Stalking Sapphire - Mia Thompson

aarrgh, god dammit!! you can't leave me like that!!
I really hope there'll be another book, coz I sure need one...

loved how different events made me forget various suspects until they were thrown back in my face & I'm like "it's him!! I forgot about you!"

Sapphire is a 22yo rich socialite who's living a double life, she has her fake life and then who she really is. day to day she's busy keeping up appearances, doing all the things her mother and society expect of her, but after dark she's a hunter of serial killers.

things take an unexpected turn when Sapphire receives the gift of a severed finger. now she has to find and catch a man who knows her secret.

now I've run out of book, and I'm left with a big string of questions that I'm hoping will be answered in a second book...
- how does her mother answer her question?
- what does she do about the engagement?
- what does Aston find out at the interrogation?
- what happens with Aston?
- & what on earth is gonna happen now this guys out of prison?!!

urgh!! I need more!!

** thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy!