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Dark Heart: Angels in the City - Travis Berketa First I will say Thankyou to Goodreads and Travis Berketa for this book, which I recieved free through Goodreads First Reads (giveaways).

After losing her drug lord husband in a hotel bombing, a terminally ill widow believes it is her mission from God (and the Angel) to rid the city of evil by whatever means necessary. This evil includes underworld families, a jail full of prisoners, drug labs, and brothel clientele. Eradication methods include swords, heavy artillery, bombs and arson.

She begins her seven "missions" to gain entry to Heaven seemingly rationally, with the simple need to rid the city of prominent underword families. As the missions progress so does the brutality of her vengeance. Even her "disciples" begin to question her doings, finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish the difference between her actions in the name of God and the evil that she is ridding.

Without first reading the first Dark Heart book - Images of a City, I was a little worried that this one wouldn't make complete sense. However, I didn't find that I was missing part of the story at all. I will now read the first book to find out exactly what The Angel's journal said, and then move onto the third just to see what happens next :-)