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Pole Dance by J.A. Hornbuckle

Pole Dance - J.A. Hornbuckle

begins as a typical boy & girl meet under unusual circumstances, electricity when they touch, boy helps girl, should never cross paths again, accidental/on purpose chance meeting again... bla bla bla

Jake speaks my kinda language, not so much when actually talking, but the sections from his POV are all f*ck this or that, even had a mother f-er in there, lol. it's not over the top, but enough to show he's human.

I really liked that Jake didn't change his ways when he met Cait, he'd already changed a few years before after a talking to from his brother. however he knew instantly that Cait was the girl for him when they first met, & proceeded to make a few more smaller changes to his life.
he found out she'd been played & helped her begin proceedings to get back what was rightfully hers, but doesn't just pay her way.
she's also got some balls & can fight her own battles without needing her man to fight for her all the time.

little boring in patches, the excitement over the murders etc didn't last too long before getting back to the happily ever afters.
all round it's a good fun read, & I'd like to follow along in the other books when they come out

was kinda nice reading something that didn't fit the standard mould completely