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Secrets & Lies by Joanne Clancy

Secrets & Lies  - Joanne Clancy

First up, I was given this book (trilogy actually) by the author, Joanne Clancy, to read and review for her. So, a big THANKYOU to Joanne.

Second, I hate spoilers! so I will try my best to tell you a bit about this book without giving too much away.

Here we go...

This first book, Secrets & Lies, is pretty much a meet & greet of the two main couples in this story - Kerry & Conor, and Hope & Niall.

Both are the perfect couple! both husbands are workaholics, jet-setting around everywhere, leaving their wives at home alone for a considerable part of their lives. Kerry & Hope, although extremely different types of women, are both quite successful in their own right (Kerry - a mother & successful author. Hope - a well known television presenter & aspiring actress). These women do not at all begrudge their hubby's for their time away from home pursuing their careers, although at can become a bit lonely & tedious at times.

Throughout the book, both past & present are explored for Kerry & Conor, whilst we focus more on the present for Hope & Niall. As we get to know these two women, we begin to see some small cracks in their marriages, imagined or not, they are there and each wife can see/feel them forming.

We leave these women, one on top of the world on the perfect holiday abroad with hubby & daughter, the other already facing a life changing situation, as the earth is rocked by the terrifying tsunami in Japan, catastrophically changing these two women forever.

excerpt from book:
"The killer wave had taken its fateful hold on time and place. It had ruptured the present, warped the future, replaced order with confusion, confidence with trepidation and control with powerlessness. Lives were ended for some, changed forever for others and a most significant chain of events was about to unfold with catastrophic results"

I'm loving Joanne's writing! It flows nicely, easy to read, & even the rare typo doesn't bother me at all (which usually drives me a little nuts). Even the changing from present to past & back again is done seamlessly, unlike some books, here it's easy to follow and not at all confusing.

can't wait to jump into the next book, Aftermath, and find out where these two women's stories are taking them!