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Aftermath by Joanne Clancy

Aftermath - Joanne Clancy

again, thanks to Joanne Clancy for the book, & again I'll try not to spoil the read for anyone.

in this second installment of Secrets & Lies, we get a look at Hope & Niall's past as well as Hope's present, and focus on Kerry's current life.

we start with Kerry struggling to survive the tsunami. We then follow her through her lengthy recovery period. When she is well enough, Kerry uses all resources available to her to find her missing husband, Conor, who remains missing in the wake of the tsunami.

meanwhile, Hope is getting on with life as best as she can with her unexpected pregnancy nearing the end, & still having heard nothing of her husband since his disappearance while on business in Japan at the time of the disaster.

Along with the private investigator Kerry has searching for Conor, the local police become involved in the search for these two missing men.

We're left with the closing line "We've found him. We've found your husband."

but who did they find, and what will be the outcome for these to grieving women?

as with the first installment, Joanne's writing is a breeze to read!! can't wait to get started with the final book!