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Steal My Sunshine by Emily Gale

Steal My Sunshine - Emily Gale

Thankyou to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC!!

This piece of fiction gives a small glimpse into the past and present impacts of forced adoption.

For such an emotionally charged subject matter, this book was extremely easy to read and not too hard on the readers emotions, and I didn't feel that this lessened or cheapened the severity of what occurred back in the 50's.

I'm Aussie born & bred, and I had no idea these things occurred here and to such a degree. Of course I've heard of these things happening around the world, & we have the aboriginal stolen generation, but didn't realise it was so widespread. Maybe it was just easier to remain ignorant to these things... keep believing such horrors were never committed... I guess that's why it's still a subject kept tucked over towards the taboo.

Besides the big issue, there are a number of smaller relationships and their problems explored throughout the story. some are completely resolved, while other lines feel like they're not yet finished, but maybe that's just me wanting to know everything, lol.

A good, enjoyable, insightful read.