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Destined to Fly by Indigo Bloome

Destined to Fly: An Avalon Novel - Indigo Bloome

wow, I wasn't expecting that! I was expecting more of the drug company shenanigans from the second book, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

I loved the whole Amazon spiritual journey thing going on this time, was really different to the majority of what's available at the moment, but then again the story has been since the very beginning so it shouldn't be entirely unexpected.

I kinda felt parts were missing this time round, while other bits felt quite repetitive - still no real answers about AB's blood, I wanted to know about J's "flight" & more of his story on their Amazon adventure (I still feel he's a skeptic), & heard too often about AB being awakened & how she's feeling etc just got a little dragged out & boring at times, feeling like we've been over that already...

personally I can't compare it to the Christian Grey/Gideon Cross stories. all these "if you loved fifty shades you'll love this" just doesn't sit right for me, it's nothing like it, if you go into these books thinking it is, you're gonna be very disappointed. I'd still recommend the Avalon Trilogy as a good read, just keep an open mind. there is a "love story" tucked away in there, but it's quite often hidden below some seriously questionable morals.

I guess as an ending it could have been more, but it served it's purpose and answered the primary queries from the story. overall good reading :-)