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Bound to You by Nichi Hodgson

Bound to you - Nichi Hodgson

not a bad story. although, especially early on, I had to keep reminding myself it's not a story, this is real, this really happened to a REAL girl named Nichi.

at the start I was quite confused, I think chapter 1 was meant to be a prologue rather than an actual chapter (the man enters the story about 1/3 in, & it fits in the story about 3/4 through).

when Nichi & Christos broke up, I was waiting for her to yell & scream at him that he broke them too, he moved out, distanced himself from her, pushed her into a single lifestyle, abandoned her on her b'day, then simply dumped all the blame on Nichi. maybe she really did do this but didn't put it in the book...

I read a review that really bagged out Sebastian, & Nichi's relationship with him. yes he was a bit of an ass with a lot of baggage, but he was also very sweet at times, & there was an obvious attraction between the pair. no, you can't compare him to Christian grey. Christian was a fictional character & the author wanted us to love him, so he changed & worked on his problems for Ana, & maybe Ana was a fool for sticking around... This one isn't some fairytale romance story, Sebastian is real, he has real issues & Nichi wasn't prepared to stick around & be trampled on any more than she already had been. again, like the Christos thing, maybe there was more between them after Nichi's Tokyo trip that just didn't make it to the book

The final line "And then we kissed." - like others have said, it just kind of stops mid story. at first I thought it was odd, but then I realised it makes complete sense... it was the END of her & Sebastian, the end of the story being told in this book. getting back to her normal self after the split, she met Jake & even though she has some reservations due to Gina's confession of him, she feels a connection. as they part ways at the train station, it is in that moment that Nichi realises she is ready to move forward with the rest of her life, & then they kissed ;-)

interested to see if Nichi writes another book. kinda intrigued how she goes/went with Jake, & did she ever go back to domming? or back to plain vanilla? interesting stuff...