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Complete Me by J Kenner

Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner

** THANKYOU to Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley for this ARC!!

I decided to give this one a 4 star rating (more of a 3.5 really), as I really do like Nikki & Damien and did enjoy this one even if it did let me down a little.

given how we were left at the end of Claim Me, I thought the trial would be taking up a good chunk of this book, but oddly it was almost over before the book even started... not really, but you know what I mean - done & dusted pretty quick, & quite anti-climatic.

most of the book is just kinda filled with fluff... some minor ups & downs, lots of hot sex (love their chemistry), but generally not too much excitement. that is until the last 30 pages or so when everything seems to happen all at once - the identity of the stalker (although I could plainly see this from quite early on), the source of the media informant, break-ups, reunions, & a happy ending!

it does answer all the curiosities though, so I can't argue with that lol. and it did wrap up the series nicely :)