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Epilogue by C.J. Roberts

Epilogue  - C.J. Roberts

I'm completely at odds here, I loved parts & hated parts, so I'm going with a middle of the road 3 stars.

I could've easily done without this book, Livvie previously finished it off perfectly fine for me. but this one was written, & therefore I had to read it.

I loved the light hearted, shit-stirring, fun poking way Caleb told parts of his story, but loathed the woe-is-me majority of it. & the constant reminders of how bad-ass he is... funny the first time, then it was plain ridiculous. so much of it felt like I was reading the same thing over & over again - the words on the tip of his tongue since he left her, the empty void, etc.

I loved the "fart in your general direction", I would've laughed so hard if I wasn't trying to contain it for the benefit of a sleeping husband. I'm a Python fan & was so happy when I flipped the page & Monty Python was actually referenced! sadly I believe that far too many people reading this book would have NO idea about that line, but it certainly was a major highlight for me!

I also enjoyed the end of chapter 13, back to the fun Caleb... "Make your own panties wet! I’m moving on to the next chapter."

the majority of what's left, meh... that's about the best I can do. honestly didn't find this instalment sexy, erotic, hot, or anything even slightly similar :(