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Wild Child by Shelley Munro

Wild Child - Shelley Munro

even without the "touchy" subject matter, this was a great read, but throw in the assumed incest & there's suddenly a whole new dynamic to the story.

Matt & Zoe are just two people who grew up together since their teens. to everyone else they're brother & sister. both have been secretly harbouring naughty thoughts about the other, whilst doing all they cannot to act on their impulses. that is, until Zoe's an adult and no longer wants to hide how she really feels.

they almost instantly fall into a perfect relationship that feels incredibly natural for them. when their relationship becomes known to Matt's friends, they both feel the pressure of society's views on their "taboo" behaviour, & no one will listen, or care, when told Matt & Zoe are not related.

in the end decisions need to be made - career or relationship? and surprisingly their biggest supporters turn out to be the two people they feared telling the most, their parents - His mother & Her father.

** thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy!