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Prairie Chicken Little by Jackie Mims Hopkins

Prairie Chicken Little - Jackie Mims Hopkins

a cute and funny re-telling of the classic Chicken Little "the sky is falling" story.
here we find Mary McBlicken the prairie chicken, who hears a sudden rumbling and a grumbling and a tumbling, in a fluster and on her way to the ranch to tell cowboy Stan and Red Dog Dan that a stampede is coming. They’ll know what to do!
along the way Mary gathers her friends before an unfriendly encounter with Slim Brody the sly coyote, from whom cowboy Stan and Red Dog Dan save them from. after which the true cause of the rumbling, grumbling and tumbling is discovered, and all the friends have wonderful supper together.

good fun little book with great illustrations!

** thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy!