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Freddie's Woods by Mick Piper

Freddie's Woods - Mick Piper

as soon as I opened up this mini novel I knew it was going to be sad, in itself this almost made me cry:

In Memory
Son Michael 31.08.1969 - 21.01.2004
Granddaughter Nicole 09.04.2003 - 11.07.2003

In the short time Freddie and Zoggy knew each other they formed a strong friendship the would be greatly missed when Zoggy returned to his homeland. As their time together grew shorter Freddie began to miss his new friend already, and when the time came for Zoggy to leave, poor Freddie was so upset he could barely speak. On the way back a tragic accident occurred and Freddie never made it home. Zoggy arrived back in his own land to learn the sad news of Freddie's accident. As sad as Zoggy is, he knows he will always have his memories of Freddie that he can hold close to his heart.

a well written, fun & touching story of friendship and loss.

** thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy!