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Mistaken by Karen Barnett

Mistaken: First Impressions Are Never What They Seem - Karen   Barnett

aaawwww! who doesn't love a sweet happily ever after?!

1926 - rum runners, drunks, liars, and misconceived first impressions... & Laurie trying to solve everyone's problems whilst holding her family together.

a bit mystery, a bit romance, with the addition of gangsters & crooked cops, this was a good read. a few times I thought the relationships were a little rushed until something else occurred in the storyline to put a timeframe behind the previous events (weeks disappear without anything to indicate the time lapse). one example - towards the end it was said the boat had been taken out fishing a couple of months ago, I though it had been a couple of weeks... other than not keeping a clear track of how much time is passing, I can't complain.

good writing & a good story, but didn't quite make it to 5 stars, missed that something that just blows you away.

** this ARC kindly provided by NetGalley & the publishers.