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Knees: The mixed up world of a boy with dyslexia by Vanita Oelschlager

Knees: The mixed up world of a boy with dyslexia - Vanita Oelschlager, Joe Rossi

*Thankyou to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy

I loved how this book, with it's simple story lines & black & white cartoon illustrations, explained what dyslexia is, in a way that both kids and adults can easily understand.

I grew up with a dyslexic father & younger sister, so I've seen first hand how it unknowingly pops up in everyday life, sometimes going unnoticed but other times causing problems. This book shows in a fun & engaging way that you are still normal, you can still have friends, and you can still learn - you just need to learn what works for you & find your hidden skills.

being tagged as "dumb" can have long lasting effects on children, and I believe books like this one can go a long way to helping all children, especially the ones with dyslexia, to understand that everyone's different but at the same time are still "normal".

I will definitely be sharing this one with my son in the next couple of years ready for when he enters school.