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Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones

Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones

**Thankyou to NetGalley and the publishers for this ARC!

This is the first of Lisa's books that I've actually read, I've had some in my to-read list for quite some time & just haven't got there yet. After that finale I might have to bump the others up my list a bit.

to begin with I didn't really see what all the fuss was about, thought maybe her other books were just better... but as I got further into it I really enjoyed it. well that is, when I wasn't doing my nut because I wasn't finding out anything helpful, just adding more question to my list.

through the entire book I felt that the sex was just thrown in there for the sake of it. like maybe if it wasn't there we wouldn't read it... but the story was great! the sex... not so much, although there were a few little bits that I did really like (sorry, can't remember exact bits, too busy reading to take notes, lol).

I loved the whole story of Amy on the run, thrown into a new place that's just not quite right, not knowing who to trust. I think every single person she's met/had some form of contact with since arriving in Denver, is on my suspect list. not a single one has been cleared on to my ally list, they all remain firmly in my mind as a potential threat.

& WHOA! that end! I thought I was getting somewhere, but I think it just did my head in even more than it was!

I have so many theories & suspicions floating around my head that I've gotta be on at least one right track here, but I also get the feeling I'm gonna be completely blown away when the truth comes out!

If you cannot handle cliff-hangers, please don't read this book until the next one's here so you can continue straight on!