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Double Coverage by Mercy Celeste

Double Coverage - Mercy Celeste

HOLY MOTHER FLAMING FLYING SHIT BALLS! I don't know where to start or what to even say...

it was hot, it was dirty, it was steamy, it was dirty (wait, I said that already)... & it was Kailey's ultimate fantasy she never knew she had! ...& it deprived me of some much needed sleep coz I just couldn't put it down!

Trigger & Bullet were the popular guys at school that every girl wanted, 15 years later nothing's changed. only now, Kailey learns the truth about their desires, and hers. the truth is, she wants them both! & she's got them!

M/F/M with the barest hint of M/M - I thought this bit could've been explored further, I was actually thinking she was about to become the third wheel at one point rather than the central focus. a few small details didn't quite seem to gel properly with the overall story/outcome, but the kinky dirtiness overrode all that

sexy hot fun with an unconventional happily ever after!

*thankyou to NetGalley & publishers for this copy!