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I'm in Love with a Stripper by Michelle Marola

I'm in Love with a Stripper - Michelle Marola

WARNING - my review may be considered a spoiler, that's if you can spoil a terrible book...

OMG SERIOUSLY!? WTF did I just read?!

I feel bad writing this because I usually find something to like in any book I read - it might be crap writing but a good story, or brilliant writing with a pretty ordinary story & I'll still enjoy reading it. but this book... it was crappy writing & a shitty story!

It started of OK (not good, just OK), until we got to the night club "incident", then everything went seriously pear-shaped from here on out...

Here's the story - a young girl works as a part-time nanny while studying to be a nurse, family runs into trouble so she becomes a stripper to earn extra cash to send home. her nanny boss asks her to move in & become full-time, both people are secretly in love with the other. boss saves girl from attack at night club, only to find that it's the nanny. he insists on her staying with him as it's unsafe. they instantly become a happy couple. he confesses he used to be a wannabe hard-core drug dealing thug. she catches up with friends, & cliff-hanger - she's attacked!!

copy & paste "it's not safe, you're coming to stay with me" speeches/scenarios for the girls bestie/fellow stripper & her strip club owner suitor. & whenever "the girls" get together they instantly turn into a bunch of high school bimbos that can't hold a normal, decent conversation!

besides all that, it's a seriously cheesy, corny, boring read.

the title got me in, & it seemed to have decent reviews, but sadly I found nothing in this book to make me come back for the next one...