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Loula Is Leaving for Africa by Anne Villeneuve

Loula Is Leaving for Africa - Anne Villeneuve

**thankyou to NetGalley & the publishers for kindly providing this ARC!

ah, don't we all need to go to "Africa" occasionally?!

I love how Gilbert the chauffeur plays along with Loula, taking her on an adventure to Africa. It's so sweet & gives her the break she so badly needs from her "Three MEAN, HORRIBLE, STINKY brothers".

The illustrations are taking me back to my own childhood & the books I loved. the first page where her 3 terrible brothers trip her as she's coming through the door reminds me of Quentin Blake's fabulous illustrations. placing the two side by side showed me they are indeed very different, but they both hold that fun, childlike quality that is a great story teller.

would be fabulous to share with kids that feel they also need to get away from their siblings for a bit.