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The Domino Tattoo by Cyrian Amberlake

The Domino Tattoo - Cyrian Amberlake

after meaning to read this bok for many years, I've finally got round to reading it

although I really liked this book, I won't be reccommending it to anyone who's got swept up in the current BDSM publishing craze. this book goes far beyond the blindfolds & spankings of Mr Grey & Co. but it is a must read for existing fans of erotic/BDSM fiction.

here at Estwych there is only one rule, "absolute obedience is the law", and the fine line between pleasure & pain is blurred completely. unsatisfied with her life, Josephine finds herself thrown into a world of the bizarre and unkown,where she learns that from great pain comes greater pleasure.

at times, reading this made me quite uncomfortable, with everything that's happening to Josephine without any prior knowledge and her questions going unanswered. but as she learns how to live and enjoy her new life at Estwych, I was able to fully enjoy her journey.

definately not a book for the easily offended or narrow minded