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Beneath the Surface by M.A. Stacie

Beneath the Surfaceā€¸  - M.A. Stacie

**ARC kindly provided by NetGalley and the publishers.

3.5 stars! I really enjoyed this one, but there were a few things that annoyed me.

early on I got pissy with Dale... no sooner had they discussed & agreed they're "just sex" she'd be asking again what they are. & I really didn't see what she was so pissed off about when she stormed into Metro to rip into him.

after that it all fell into a fun, comfortable place just like Kyran & Dale did, & completely agree with her choice to walk away when he couldn't promise her he'd feel the same way she did, even if he did feel something. sometimes you have to do things that hurt to ensure you're not completely broken later on. and I'm gonna say it's cause I was tired & shoulda been sleeping, but this bit made me cry. she let slip those 3 little words, & I think it was all made worse when he didn't react the way she thought. but yes, she cried, I cried, & he left :(

I had an inkling what was going on with the blank cards in the mail, but it was still so sweet when it happened. & I loved that they still used the "labels" in the epilogue!

oh, and Trace & Dale seriously had the wrong names... to me Dale is a guys name & Trace is short for Tracey so it's gotta be a girls name. just had to throw that in there.

another thing hat pissed me off was when Clara turned into Clare & back again. how on earth did that happen? there was no Clare in the story! there were a few other little editing errors that I could easily forgive, but not Clare!

other than that, it was pretty easy to read, and a bit of fun too.