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Redemption by Joanne Clancy

Redemption - Joanne Clancy

thankyou once again to Joanne Clancy or allowing me to read this trilogy!

WOW!! what a final installment!! I don't know what else to say...

some of my early discounted scenarios popped up again here. those ones that were just too coincidental, or far easier to believe a simpler version of events... they come back around & you find yourself seriously questioning why you doubted your initial instincts. a great way to keep you guessing for as long as possible :)

I found myself getting quite annoyed at times with Hope and her dramatics, although she did eventually settle down & was able to form some kind of friendship with Kerry. just like Kerry, I also wanted to slap Beth for not speaking up sooner.

After previously getting quite a bit of info on Maura, I was disappointed by her absence in this book, but at the same time it didn't leave the story lacking.

Everyone got a relatively happy ending, which by no means was a Hollywood happily ever after. They all accepted the events they'd been dealt, and moved forward the best they could, always looking at the positives & improving the things that they could.

A brilliant up & down story right from the beginning, easy to read, & thoroughly enjoyable!!