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Destined to Play - Indigo Bloome really unsure how I feel about this book. I found some parts were extremely funny (the butt plug memory), & others were quite intense & I wanted to know more - but I guess it's written from her point of view & she really had NO idea what was going on most of the time. But I can't help feeling that she wasn't "destined to play", she didn't "play" at all, she was manipulated. she was kinda tricked into participating in medical research that she hardly knew anything about, & had only just been asked if she would be part of it, assuming it to be later (& as a DR. not as a guinea pig), not here & now as part of her 48 hours of no sight & no questions. yes, she did have a fantasy many years earlier, but I doubt she ever intended it to take place under these circumstances. I'm quite uncomfortable with her not knowing anything about some of the situations she's in while blind, the skydiving being a big one - a little info & she wouldn't have had a panic attack from those completely wild ideas about sex machines & orgies.

although I'm not completely loving this book I still intend to read the next 2 books to find out what happens. after the end of this one the next one may be more to my liking... hopefully

nothing at all like FSOG or Bared to You, just because you liked them doesn't mean you'll like this