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A Bitch Called Hope by Lily Gardner

A Bitch Called Hope - Lily Gardner

sadly this book didn't live up to my expectations based solely on it's synopsis...
the story just kinds of plods along, interviewing suspects again & again, finally got some fast paced action towards the end when Lennox found herself in deadly danger. it was about this part of the book that I realised I was quickly running out of book with far too much story left to fit into it. so we get no trial, no idea what happened to the "murderer" that Lennox shot (no idea what happened to anyone really), & still plenty of questions surrounding the "friendships" between Delia, Aurora, & Dr E.
the final scene at poker night left me with even more questions than I found had been answered; Lennox & Ham? Lennox & Fish? what is going on with these people & their not so subtle hints about her dating cops?

I did like this story, but think it could have been so much more.

** thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy!