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The Enchantress - Michael Scott the last book of The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series was just as great as the previous 5 books. It didn't really end how i was expecting it to, but then again I'm not really sure how I was expecting it all to unfold, there were so many different ways The prophecy could have manifested.

I loved the letter from Marethyu to Sophie right at the end, it tied up a few of the loose end
s where characters survived but we didn't know more, eg. did the twins see each other again or was Danu Talis the last? what happened to Niten? did he rescue Aoife? what about (young) Aunt Agnes & Sophie (& the others) after Danu Talis?

However I'm still curious about The Witch of Endor after she released Mars Ultor & met with Isis & Osiris in Paris. Also, did anyone ever catch up with Bastet & Quetzalcoatl after they fled (present day), & Anubis (Danu Talis)?

I really hope these books are made into movies. The books were non-stop but only covered the space of a week plus a day 10,000 years ago on Danu Talis. I'd love to see how they portray Dee, Machiavelli, Scathach, Perenelle, Black Hawk & Billy The Kid, plus all the Elders/Dark Elders. I'd also like to know how we're meant to say names such as Huizilopochtli, Quetzalcoatl & Tsagaglalal, lol :-)