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The Silver Falcon by Katia Fox

The Silver Falcon - Katia Fox, Aubrey Botsford

**Thankyou to NetGalley and the publishers for this copy

I don't know where to start with this, or even what to say at all really...

at times this feels like it drags out a little bit, but at the same time I don't know what could have been left out. we're following William through life from a very early age, through all his struggles, and triumphs. quite similar to his mother's story in The Copper Sign, but also very different.

it's also a look into the life & times of 12th/13th century England & Normandie. and there is a "chapter" at the end that gives all the info on what/who was fact & fiction throughout the story.

from everything that happened throughout this journey, I found this book to be about people. some people are truly good people, while others are and always will be evil. some people will do everything possible to achieve their dreams, while other's will put in the same effort to destroying the lives of others. and also the power of true friendship.

everything is covered in this book - love, loss, sickness, health, poverty, riches, nobody's, royalty, truths, lies, & revelations. everyone & everything imaginable is squeezed into this one epic lifetime.